Tuesday, July 23, 2013

France bans New Mercedez car

Only new cars are subject to the size, "said a company spokesman, adding that customers are faced with restrictions that will be offered alternative models.

Since January 1, the norms of the European Union demanded that automakers use R1234yf clean refrigerant, it is less polluting than older products.

But Daimler stick R134a, a refrigerant older, because research has shown that the claims of the new gas burns more easily and put the car at a greater risk of explosion in case of an accident.

The maker Daimler R1234yf rejected claims but in Germany, the automotive giant was given special permission to keep using the older gas.

Daimler said it would stick with the older products in the hope that "in the next few years" safer version will be available. No country other than France have filed objections to the continued use of R134a, a spokesman for Daimler.

But last month the European Commission, the executive body of the European Union, threatening sanctions against the German car maker to use refrigerants.

Commission official told the German mind to continue using gas pollution, giving Berlin until September to comply.

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